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The MHSAA’s mission is to support the current generation of Medford High School students and to create a networking base among all alumni.


The purpose of the MHSAA is to provide positive and active moral support and assistance for the benefit of the community of Medford High School;

Serve as a networking base for all Medford High School alumni;

Inform the community on alumni news;

Provide additional financial assistance for the MHS community through fundraising activities and by the acceptance of donations;

and to do all things incidental or desirable in connection with the foregoing.

Board of Directors

Daniel Costello, President
David McKillop, Treasurer
Allison Goldsberry, Clerk
Michael Cugno
Neil Osborne
Josie Baily-Zona

The Medford High School Alumni Association is a nonprofit corporation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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